Vzones: Live Your Fantasy. Create Your Reality.

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Welcome to the wonderful, magical virtual worlds of Vzones. (where you can experience everything from the profound to the whimsical.)

Where people from all over the world meet, develop friendships, and make a meaningful difference in each other’s lives.

We invite you to play, learn and create…

Be an active participant in the creation of our evolving community of incredible people where your unique contributions will help color our worlds.

Travel effortlessly and visit destinations like…

New York, London and Paris. Frolic at the beaches and explore the underwater marvels of the sea. Play the high stakes of the casinos and ride the rollercoaster in the amusement park.

Join special interest groups and seminars hosting some of the leading experts in various venues.

Invent and reinvent yourself by creating your unique avatar. Change your hair, body shape, clothes and attitude at whim.

Come make a difference in your world while making a difference in ours.

Join our fantasy and make your life a wonderful reality.

What is a Virtual World?

Looking to create new, meaningful relationships with people from all over the world? VZones makes it a reality with two distinct virtual worlds Dreamscape and newHorizone.

What can I do in VZones virtual world?

Within our virtual worlds, you’ll enjoy getaway environments like beaches, underwater, and casinos or urban places like the cities of New York and London. Create a digital identity for yourself with a fully customizable avatar including body shape, clothing, hair and more. While visiting the virtual world, you’ll safely chat, gesture, walk around, play games, win prizes and barter with fellow avatars.

What offer are you giving me?

For years, VZones has fostered the creation of meaningful relationships, some even culminating in virtual weddings! With our 2 week FREE trial, your seconds away from starting your own journey.

Have questions? We’d be happy to help you. Please contact us: [email protected]